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about usic

usic is an irc client.

the name usic is short for Uniform Services IRC Client, and by that i mean an irc client that can perform all the basic, necessary tasks that the irc protocol demands but also have the abillity to load 3rd party made plugins to extend the functionallity.

the plugins are event driven and uses a special usic-api - the only restriction of the plugins is the uniform interface towards the usic. in other words works the usic plugins in a similar way as the apache modules does - for every message that comes from the irc server, the plugins gets their chanse to respond, do nothing, or take actions that they find sensible for that particular situation. plugin examples are loggers, statistics creators, file servers, channel guards, etc, (i.e. pretty much regular bot stuff)

template(s) and a nice API to the usic makes plugin-creation indeed verry easy.

the usic is currently written in/for the windows 2000 environment.
i'm aiming for platform independet code, but other factors as simplicity and relyability are also important.
my thought is that the usic will run as a windows 2000 service (and later linux deamon)

i currently use microsoft visual sudio 6.0 and writes the code in c++ extended c.

about irc

irc is an free infrastructure for chat and file transfers. if you dont know what irc is, then you should check this site out

about the usic logo

the usic logotype (the one in the middle of the index-page) symbolises the usic client in the middle and it's plugins on the right.

Copyright 2003 Robert Bengtsson. All rights reserved.